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over a certain amount of money.

I'm not saying that to offend anyone, because I consider myself to be in that group of people and I generally try to find the cheapest room possible when we go to Disneyland.

With that being said, we saved our pennies the last two years to be able to experience this resort hotel just once.

And I am so glad we did.

Our first stay was in September of 2011 for my birthday and my son's birthday.

We generally go Labor Day weekend because of our work schedules and the resort is crowded due to the 1/2 marathon.

The hotel was still under renovation, but we never experienced any problems due to this.

The monorail side of the pool was the only side open, but my son went crazy over the slides, so it wasn't a big deal to not have both sides open.

Every single detail in the resort is detailed Disney.

If you come to Disneyland because you love Disneyland, then you can appreciate this.

Our room was average sized, the beds were dreamy comfortable and the bathroom was split across the entry way from the sink and closet.

There was a mini-fridge, but no microwave.

Our second stay all renovations were completed in February 2012.

The pool area was completely open and beautifully done.

My son was still bananas about the slides and I went done them too!

The spa is nice and relaxing and large enough to accommodate more people.

Our room was a bit bigger this time and faced Downtown Disney, we heard no noise what so ever.

I love how each tower has it's own sitting area and the grounds all around are very nicely landscaped and inviting.

The bathroom and sink were together this time, which I liked better.

We've eaten at Goofy's Kitchen both times, once for dinner and once for breakfast.

The food is typical Disneyland fare.

My husband is a vegetarian and he found more than enough there to keep him full and satisfied.

We also ordered room service for breakfast on one occasion and dinner on our other visit.
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