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, and self-abusegoes to the tobacconist to buy himself "una nazionale just one.

It is closing time, and he slips in under the iron gate.

The proprietress, locking up for the night, is moving large sacks across the floor, and he offers to help.

"You couldn't manage she dismisses him; he is half her size, after all.

She is cartoonishly ample.

In her pale blue cardigan, her bust is an unyielding shelf, jutting out in an improbable cantilever worthy of Frank Gehry.

An undifferentiated wedge such as this could be known only as a bosom.

Amarcord is above all a film of recollection (the title means "I remember" in Italian dialect).

It makes sense that these jugs of memory would be outsize, hypertrophic ideals, although Maria Antonietta Beluzzi, the actress playing the part, is real enough.

Titta protests, saying he can lift eighty kilos, can even lift his father.

"What do you weigh?" he asks.

"I could lift you, too." "Ah si?" she asks, bored.

She takes off her apron, slams down the iron gate, and turns to him, sizing him.

She must be thinking.

Everyone in town is looking for something to break up the monotony.

"Vediamo she dares him.

The transaction is hugely awkward and private.

His arms barely make it around her fantastically broad, brown-tweed-clad ass.

He lifts her three times in quick succession.

He is almost undone by his efforts while her shrieks of laughter give way to a moaning, closed-eyed rapture.

Her head brushes against the hanging lightbulb, and she doesn't care.

Even when she is back on solid ground, her delirious floating fugue continues, still held aloft by the preconscious memory of weightlessness, nothing more than her birthright, being possessed of such a pair of balloons.

And what balloons they are!
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