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Se xtube

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Se xtube
Neumann 47, with smooth mids and balanced highs.

To achieve the distinctive "47" sound we have found the 6SJ7 American style steel tube provides the same sonic quality as the VF14.

With nearly identical specifications, the only discernable difference between these two tubes is a 2dB quieter noise floor on the 5693/6SJ7.

These tubes are thoroughly tested and fully covered by our 3-year warranty.

This American style tube is readily available and allows us to offer the Peluso 2247 SE Tube Microphone at a very competitive price.

Professional engineers enjoy great success with the Peluso 2247 SE Tube Microphone for a wide range of applications from male and female vocals, acoustic guitar to tenor sax.

There are countless applications for this versatile microphone.

Known for its clear sound while capturing the low frequency nuances of the original U-47 with smooth mid range and balanced high end.

Engineers will be proud to have a hand built microphone with the sound of a genuine U-47.

The Peluso 2247 SE Tube Microphone is paired with the Peluso MX-56 power supply.

The dual sided capsule in the 22 47 SE enable the power supply to feature 9 polar patterns in an array from omni-directional to cardioid to figure eight.

The 22 47 SE features Peluso's heavy-duty 8-pin screw on cable connector.

The large diameter pins in the screw on connector give a tight and secure cable connection designed to perform for a lifetime of use.

Microphone kit comes as a complete system including: 2247 SE Microphone in a Wood Box, Power Supply, New-style 8-Pin Screw on Cable Assembly, and a Shock Mount all packed in a Flight Case.

Acoustically matched pairs are available upon special request.

Peluso 2247 SE Vacuum Tube Microphone Specifications.

Capsule Type: Condenser Pressure Gradient w/ 34mm capsule.

Frequency Range: 20Hz/22Khz, polar Pattern: 9 - Switchable from omni- to bi-directional.

Sensitivity: 12 mv/pa, impedance: 200 ohms, sPL: 140 db, equivalent Noise: 14 dB(A).
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