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Borno films

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Borno films
sales company for film and television run by industry veteran Pascal Borno and Alain Gillissen.

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Pascal Borno is a seasoned entertainment executive with 24 years of experience in the areas of licensing, production and marketing of film and television properties worldwide.

He has held senior management positions at several companies over the years including six years with legendary producer.

Dino De Laurentiis as well as with 'The Kushner-Locke.

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Director Mainak Bhaumiks Borno Porichoy has all the makings of a taut crime thriller its short, slick and suave.

But a predictable plot spoils all the fun and thrill.

While the script is original, it seems inspired from other police/serial killer movies.

The characters are all locked in to their roles.

You know who is good and bad from the first scene.

Its just about waiting to see how the bad guy is caught.

And this is what drives the narrative forward.

Dhananjoy, a police detective, is drawn back into the case that ruined his life and career at the request of his colleagues.

Reluctant at first, he dives head first into the case to nab the culprit after he finds some new and alarming clues.

Arko, meanwhile, carries on murder after murder, seemingly taking inspiration from the five elements earth, water, wind, sky and fire.

There are some good cinematic moments, especially when Arko (portrayed to Abir) is toying with his victims, or when Dhananjoy (Jisshu) is doing some hardcore detective work.

Even Priyanka Sarkar, who plays Jisshus long-suffering wife, has her moments to shine.

Abir is at his smiling, smirking, know-it-all best and Jisshu suits the emotionally drained and damaged cop to the.

The edgy and energetic background score by Indraadip Dasgupta is well-suited to the on-screen action.
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