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Gloryholes videos
, July 20, 2004, assessing THE situation, the color-coded maps on the right were generated in a program created by Adam Zaius, in his quest to assess the value of land on the continent Second Life, based on a complex formula of variables.

"Top number is the value of the sim Adam says, explaining the key to me in Instant Message.

"Next under it is the recommended value in L per square meters.

Brighter color means the sim has a higher value." He goes on to warn me that these should "be taken with a grain of salt since "I make no claim as to the overall accuracy of the outputted information at this stage.

However, it should provide a good base estimate.".

The screenshots depicted here were taken from a few days ago- Adam advises NWN readers to look at these, instead of going directly to the server address which generates the most up-to-date map.
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