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outside the normal spectrum, at least based on the story he told.

The star of, blackish didnt beat around the bush much when Conan OBrien brought the story up, but he also didnt exactly look excited about telling.

The story is so wild it almost looks like clickbait, but it really happened.

Andersons mom apparently put on porn videos one day (part of her extensive collection) and explained how eat pussy to an entire group of Andersons friends, including some of their girlfriends.

Her motivation for such an explicit and uncomfortable act?

The fact that her husband (Anthony Andersons father didnt know how to eat pussy, according to Anderson.

She also said, it is my duty as a woman to teach you to do this properly.

Were all for being open about sex, and Anderson doesnt seem to regret the encounter, saying it turned out to be great knowledge.

The comedian even told a few girls where he learned later, and would call up his mom after the girl understandably didnt believe him.

However, we dont recommend asking your parents for a tutorial when youre home from college).

Theres something extra special about the bond between mother and son.

Boy mom is a label we moms wear like a badge of pride.

Its not that boys are inherently different than girls, but our relationships with them are marked by a fierce love and loyalty that we treasure.

We asked 18 mothers of sons to tell us their favorite part of being a boy mom.

Their answers are as sweet and loving as their boys.
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