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in their kitchens with a laptop, a camera and raw ingredients, independent food blogging has gone mainstream, leading to book deals and the 2009 hit movie.

With food blogging, we get an intimate view of peoples eating lives every day of their lives, said Dana Cowin, editor-in-chief.

When you see all the interest in the food blogging of individuals who just pop up and follow their passions, mainstream media also joins the fray.

Indeed, the quick, easy and informal blog format has taken hold on the websites for national publications like.

The New York Times, Bon Apptit and,.

Were all food bloggers now, said Pete Wells, dining editor of The New York Times.

Almost everybody who writes about food now blogs.

The Times blogroll casts an unofficial seal of approval on independent bloggers such as Clotilde Dusoulier, the Parisian gourmand behind.

Chocolate and Zucchini, and Luisa Weiss, mastermind.

These women engage their readership with food-related narratives and storytelling techniques, garnering comment counts in the triple digits and cultivating a community of loyal fans.

Although the majority of bloggers write in relative anonymity, independent bloggers can develop huge followings leading to guest columns (like Molly Wizenbergs.

The Cooking Life for Bon Apptit) and even publishing contracts for a lucky few.

Dusoulier has several books in print and Weiss has inked a book deal with Viking Press for a food-infused memoir of her life in Berlin.

Cowin emphasized that success is often predicated on the bloggers individual approach.

The level of credibility depends on the level of expertise of the individual, Cowin pointed out.

That said, The sheer enthusiasm from the food bloggers and their deep interest means that they know a huge amount about the subject, so I think the food bloggers deserve a lot of respect.

We exist at this nexus of community and authority, said Ed Levine.

Old media bestows information on its readers.
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